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Posted: May 27, 2011 in Videos

Topic 6 – Creating a Budget to Meet America’s Needs

17 May 2011

Group Leader: Shannon P.

UPDATES: On 21 May a meeting was held at the Kingstowne Public Library from 2-5. Another will be held at the same time and place on 28 May.

**If you want to receive e-mails and have documents shared with you, put your e-mail (preferably Gmail) address in the spreadsheet. Otherwise, you’re out of the loop.**

As agreed upon in 3rd period AP US History today, the current plan for our team involves three stages, as follows:

Stage 1 – Research
Team members select subtopics to research, covering either the US Government’s intake of money through taxation or expenditure through government programs and debt interest payments.

Stage 2 – Create a budget
Team members meet at Kingstowne Library on a weekend for a few hours to bring our research together and create a balanced federal budget. Debate portions of the meeting to be videotaped.

Stage 3 – Work products
Team members split up into small groups of about 5-6 people
to produce work products explaining and promoting our team’s budget and/or the process the federal government uses to create its budget.

Work products:
-Videotaped budget debate (entire team)
-Satirical video explaining the Congressional budget-making process (Shannon P, Katie H, Morgan P, Libby D and Claudia F)
-Precise number crunching to formulate a balanced budget proposal with dollar figures (Ian R, John G)
-Paper- Julia Z, Madeline W, Dani W, Mike R, Douglas S— PLEASE SEND US YOUR RESEARCH if you want it included in the paper 🙂
-MovieMaker presentation about social security and how we hope to fix it -David L

  1. Shannon says:

    Sam, you are amazing.

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