Outline of Plan

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Papers/ Analysis

History Notes

21 May 2011

  • Try to avoid a deficit, break even, try to have a surplus
  • Constitutional amendment to break even
  • #1 Spending: Medicare and Medicaid
  • Expand programs with Long Term Effects
  • Social Security:
  • Problem: Higher living age
  • Result: People are depending on SS longer
  • Solution: Raise the age to 70
  • Sliding retirement age with money
  • Limit, not delete
  • Life expectancy when implemented (1936) was 61 or 62 years, SS was 60
  • Current life expectancy (2011) is 78 years, SS is 65
  • Create fluctuating age for SS
  • AARP has large voting block
  • Less SS for affluent elders (assets and income)
  • Working past retirement age = less income taxes
  • Managing National Debt:
  • 3 step solution:
  • Not raise ceiling, decrease ceiling 50 billion every 10 years
  • Layaway fund or pay directly
  • Domestic help for individual funds: Education (Public Health Program)
  • Nationalize oil, energy: reduce competition, drives down prices
  • Defense:
  • Main Components:
  • Iraq, Afghanistan phase out, get out by 2015
  • Reduce nuclear and space spending
  • Reduce military R&D
  • Reduce air force and navy R&D
  • Sell stuff that we are phasing out
  • DO NOT reduce benefits for soldiers
  • Cut Blackwater
  • Cut R&D by 10%
  • Healthcare:
  • Medical malpractice reform
  • Increase Medicare age to 68 v. 70; save 108 billion by 2030, 8 billion this year
  • Nationalize healthcare?
  • Govt. paying for Medicare scaling based on income
  • Educational reform:
  • Increasing minimally
  • Streamline education spending, not increase spending
  • Eliminate charter schools
  • Money for education from fed. govt. is college scholarships
  • 2.5 billion cut for 2012 budget (waste and extra steps for student loans)
  • Environment:
  • Less money for EPA, more towards new environmental programs
  • Make recycled fuel cheaper
  • Corporate:
  • Statutory tax rate for large corporations 35%
  • Corporations paying about 13%
  • Make tax rates more effective (get rid of corporate subsidies): large corporations pay more, encourage more small businesses, create more jobs, make economy more effective
  • Env. tax credits more demanding, relevant
  • Income:
  • Graduated
  • Tax net worth (assets tax, not just property)
  • Infrastructure
  • e/Transportation:
  • Involve corporations more because they benefit
  • 2 trillion to reform infrastructure
  • Construct more ports: jobs through construction, businesses benefit, make money, new levies
  • Reconstruct dams
  • Decrease labor spending by using prisoners to built roads
  • Bush Tax Cuts
  • Stop tax cuts
  • Raise tax rates to where they were (norm)
  • Don’t raise taxes on bottom income earners, raise taxes minimally on middle class, lots of taxes on wealthy people

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